nike free run makes you run freely

free run nike is mainly into business of selling free run nike nike free run 2 can disperse the impact force, make running more comfortable. The heel of the shoe with BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber, more wear-resisting, grip good, but intense friction will leave black mark on the ground. If the Nike running shoes flexibility rating, 0 barefoot running, 10 for the general running shoes. Nike running shoes launched FREE 3, FREE 5, FREE 7, FREE EVERYDAY, FREE RUN+ and FREE free run 3 is a specific series of world famous sports products manufacturer under the Nike group .

free run nike

According to product type, shoe production line should be classified to Nike's in style running shoes series. From the sports science and technology category of their movement, NIKE FREE series motor is with "running barefoot" concept is the flagship nike free running technique. According to the simulation of "ts" running free degree of detail is divided into nike free 3, nike free 5 and nike free 7 styles.NIKE FREE series of 3, 5, 7 numbers are not the shoes of the number, but a factor, scientific name is called "barefoot coefficient". The coefficient is smaller, more close to barefoot, coefficient bigger is close to running shoes.NIKE FREE series shoes nike sports market in 05 years, FREE shoes are the main characteristics of let feet simulation barefoot feeling, can let your feet, bend and hold the ground, like running barefoot. So the FREE soft shoes suitable for anyone. The design of Nike Free sports shoes from the shoe last started. Traditional shoe is flat model with a pointed head. The Nike Free shoes and shoe last is closer to the barefoot morphology. The parcel last way and use the materials and are making the whole design more close to barefoot feeling. The support of the elasticity of the sole and vamp must achieve harmony, flexibility of sole must be consistent with the support degree. Simulation of discount otherwise the barefoot running.